Timeline and Milestones starting from 1996

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DEEMY – 2004 Top of page

The online version (Agerer & Rambold 2004) includes the same data sets and species as DEEMY version 1.1, but the entries will be updated step by step. The functional web interface Navikey will be optimized to facilitate the web-based identification of ectomycorrhizae. The database client DiversityNavigator will be used to edit descriptive data and display images.

2004-06-11: DEEMY is online. There are now 420 characters.

Design of the new logo and the web interface.

Image data were reedited, indexed, and optimized for web display. 85 images of ectomycorrhizal taxa were added.

DEEMY – 2003 Top of page

Descriptive data were transferred from DELTA to the Diversity Workbench database module DiversityDescriptions. Descriptors were renamed due to the concept of structure-property-state and reorganised in hierarchical order.

Morphological, anatomical and ecological characters (=descriptors) were reviewed and expanded by about 60 new entries.

2003-05-01: The DEEMY project "Structural optimization and web-connection of DEEMY" has started as part of GBIF-D mycology.

DEEMY – 1998 Top of page

An updated second edition (version 1.1) was published as a supplementary diskette. The data sets were raised to 318 of 245 different species.

DEEMY – 1996 Top of page

Version 1.0 of DEEMY was issued on a CD-ROM edited by Reinhard Agerer and Gerhard Rambold. 150 data sets of 124 different species of ectomycorrhizae that could be determined with the interactive key INTKEY. Ectomycorrhizae were described by 337 different characters with up to some 20 character states. Colour pictures of 63 different ectomycorrhizae were included. For details on the DEEMY concept at that time see Agerer & Rambold (1996) and Rambold & Agerer (1997).

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