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anatomy mantle inner mantle layer cell length

unit: µm

Often, only parts of the hyphal lengths are visible in inner mantle layers. Consequently it is difficult to measure the distance between septa, particularly if the septa are very infrequent. Therefore not only the distances between septa can be included in the measurements, the length of the visible parts (from septa to end, or from end to end of a hyphal part, visible in one plain approximately) can also be used. A range of values should be determined, e.g. (5-)10-25(-40) µm; the value in parantheses stands for an exceptional dimension. (For the determination process with DEEMY the exceptional values cannot be included.)

Minimum value
Lower value of unspecified range (could be µ-s.d., but not known)
Mean (= average)
Upper value of unspecified range (could be µ+s.d., but not known)
Maximum value

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