Anatomy Anatomical features of the mantle Anatomy of the mantle in longitudinal section

anatomy mantle longitudinal section middle mantle layer hyphae radially diameter

unit: µm

The term 'radial' refers to a direction fromthe central cylinder to the outer parts of the root, consequentially an approximately perpendicular direction to 'tangential' (A). A range of values should be determined, e.g. 5-10(-10) µm; the value in parantheses stands for an exceptional dimension. (For the determination process with DEEMY the exceptional values cannot be included.) These measurements are of subordinate importance and to date not applicable for a delimitation of similar species.

Minimum value
Lower value of unspecified range (could be µ-s.d., but not known)
Mean (= average)
Upper value of unspecified range (could be µ+s.d., but not known)
Maximum value

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