Morphology Morphology of the unramified ends

morphology unramified ends mantle hydrophobicity presence

Small drops of deionized water should be placed on different parts of the mycorrhizae without any contact to the surrounding soil. They are observed under highest magnification of a dissecting microscope. If the droplet remains intact for more than five minutes, the mycorrhizae are called hydrophobic; hydrophilic species mostly absorb the drops of water in less than 15 seconds. (Modified after Unestam 1991: Mycorrhiza 1: 13-20). More quickly the hydrophobicity can be tested by putting the mycorrhizae in water. In case the mycorrhizae appear silvery (air remains included between the mantle hyphae) it is called hydrophobic. If there is immediate contact between water and mycorrhizae, they are called hydrophilic.

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