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anatomy mantle longitudinal section cortical (epidermal) cells radially diameter

unit: µm

The dimensions of cortical (epidermal) cells with Hartig net are variable depending upon their distance from the root tip, whether they are formed by outer rows or by inner rows of root cells, and also regarding the tree genus involved in the formation of ectomycorrhizae. Up to date, only very limited information is available about the influence of the fungus on the shape of cortical cells. When measurements are taken, they should include only those cortical cells which are completely surrounded or at least on three sides by the Hartig net. At least 30 - 50 individual values should be considered; exceptional values should be indicated separately, for example: (15-)25-65(-95) µm; the values in parentheses stand for exceptions. Possibly, this feature can be disregarded. (A) shows an ectomycorrhiza of an Angiosperm (tannin cells lacking), (B) one of a Gymnosperm (tannin cells present).
(For the determination process with DEEMY the exceptional values cannot be included.)

Minimum value
Lower value of unspecified range (could be µ-s.d., but not known)
Mean (= average)
Upper value of unspecified range (could be µ+s.d., but not known)
Maximum value

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