Morphology Morphology of the unramified ends

morphology unramified ends length

unit: mm

The length of unramified ends is the distance from the very tip of a branch to the next point of ramification (b). The ultimate end of the axis must not be taken into account, because it often differs remarkably from normal unramified ends; this measurement may merely be noted separately. A range of values should be determined, e.g. 0–4.5(–8) mm; the value in parantheses stands for an exceptional dimension; the lowest value is always '0', since a branch always starts growing with nothing. (For the determination process with DEEMY the exceptional values cannot be included.)

Minimum value
Lower value of unspecified range (could be µ-s.d., but not known)
Mean (= average)
Upper value of unspecified range (could be µ+s.d., but not known)
Maximum value

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