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The colour of ectomycorrhizae should only be characterized under a dissecting microscope equipped with incident light of day-light quality and above a black background. For feeding the computer as well as for descriptions of ectomycorrhizae, the above colours should be used. There can be some combinations in colour descriptions like reddish brown or blueish green or yellowish green. In such cases, both colours must be entered into the program. The descriptive signs for colours as used in colour charts are very different with respect to the system used (Christensen et al. 1994: Mycol. Res. 98: 635-644). If colour charts and the necessary codes are applied for descriptions or determinations, the codes must be translated into the basic colours given above.

  1 black
  2 dark brown
  3 brown
  4 brownish
  5 ochre, yellowish brown
  6 yellow
  7 yellowish
  8 orange
  9 reddish
  10 red
  11 lilac, light reddish blue
  12 violet, dark reddish blue
  13 blue
  14 green
  15 grey
  16 greyish
  17 white
  18 whitish

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