Morphology Morphology of the unramified ends

morphology unramified ends mantle secreted latex {after scratching mantle} colour-habit

Mycorrhizae of Lactarius species can exude drops of latex, which flow out of the laticifers after injurance of turgescent mantles. Latex drops can have typical colours. In addition, some species of ectomycorrhizae are known, which do not belong to the genus Lactarius, e.g. Piceirhiza oleiferans, which can also exude milky droplets after injurance, but those are consistently white, and are not formed within laticifers. They occur as dense oil drops in many of the mantle cells.

click for enlarged view 1 white, remaining white after some minutes
  2 white, yellowish after some minutes
  3 white, reddish after some minutes
  4 white, violet after some minutes
  5 yellow
  6 yellowish
click for enlarged view 7 orange
  8 red, reddish
  9 violet, dark reddish blue

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