Anatomy Anatomical features of the mantle

anatomy mantle matrix location

Mantles can produce a matrix in different layers. In many cases, particularly in hydrophilic mycorrhizae, the surface as well as the interspaces of hyphae of the outer layers are sticky by a matrix, which glues soil particles and bacteria on the hyphal surface. Less common is a matrix exclusively in middle mantle layers, or even between the hyphae of inner mantle portions. Sometimes the mantle hyphae of the very tip are more sticky (provided with a matrix) than those further back. The matrix is considered as the result of a swelling of the outer hyphal walls due to incorporation of water.

  1 surface net
  2 mantle surface
  3 outer mantle layer {apart from tip}
  4 outer mantle layer {of ectomycorrhizal tip}
  5 middle mantle layer
  6 inner mantle layer

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