Morphology Morphology of the mycorrhizal system

morphology mycorrhizal system ramification orders

In some cases, side-branches can be unramified (1), they may have branches again (2). Even these branches can be ramified again (3) and again (4). The orders should be noted as e.g. 0–1 (= unramified and unramified side-branches as well), or 0–2 (unramified, with unramified side-branches, and with ramified side-branches as well). The '0' rank must always be added, because unramified mycorrhizae are in any case the beginning of a developing system.

1 2 3 4
Minimum value
Lower value of unspecified range (could be µ-s.d., but not known)
Mean (= average)
Upper value of unspecified range (could be µ+s.d., but not known)
Maximum value

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