start anatomy mantle outer mantle layer {apart from tip}

[Information about this group of characters]

  organisation {if pseudoparenchymatous} cell shape
  mantle type
  hyphal net cells shape
  incomplete septa presence
  hyphal net cells diameter
  hyphal net cells length
  hyphal net cell walls habit
  hyphal net cell walls thickness
  hyphal net clamps presence
  mound cells shape
  mound cells diameter
  mound cells length
  mound cells cell wall thickness
  mound cells cell wall kind
  mound cells granular contents
  clavate end cell cover presence
  matrix kind
  hyphal system kind
  hyphae arrangement
  hyphae short protrusions presence
  hyphae sticky matrix on hyphal surface presence
  pores between cells presence
  pores between cells abundance
  hyphae hyphal junctions angle {between}
  septa thickness {relative to cell walls}
  septa clamps presence
  septa clamps abundance
  cell shape
  cell pigment location-colour
  cell contents presence-kind
  cell diameter
  cell length
  cell density
  cell wall thickness
  cell wall with globular thickenings
  cell wall surface habit
  cell wall projections presence
  cell wall projections abundance
  cell wall projections shape
  crystals presence-shape
  crystals diameter
  crystals length
  drops of exuded pigment presence
  roundish plasmatically yellow cells presence
  roundish plasmatically yellow cells diameter
  roundish plasmatically yellow cells length
  pigment granula on surface presence
  blue granules location